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User-friendly Content Management System

Keenstreet's User Friendly Web Updating System is a very cost-effective and easy to use Web Content Management System available for small to medium business.

It allows non-technical users to 'take control of their website' and easily update the information on their web site without learning HTML or a complicated web design programme.

You can now update your website without fear of ruining the overall site design.

Here's just a few of the Benefits of our User-Friendly Web Updating System (UFWUS):

Why would I need a Content Management System?

A user-friendly content management system can be used for many practical applications on your website, some of the applications we've incorporated our system include the following:

Our user-friendly content management system can be installed and configured on both new and existing web sites.

How does it work?

Our system separates content from layout and puts you in control of your web site.

All you need to do to manage your website is login to your own administration area, choose the page you want to change or edit, make your changes to the content, push the 'save' button and your page is instantly updated!

To upload products and images it's even easier, just type in the title, description, price and then browse to the image on your computer and upload, the website will do all the work of resizing and compressing the images, you don't need to have the stress of working out how to manipulate your images for online shops or galleries ever again.

Our system is developed to YOUR NEEDS it's not an 'off the shelf' package.

If you want to TRY OUR DEMO contact us.



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